Electar Model-M Amplifier

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1939-40 Epiphone Electar Logo
Epiphone Electar Logo
Electar Model-M Front Electar Model-M Back
Electar Model-M Front
Electar Model-M Back
  • 1936-1939
  • Hand-built by Nat Daniels of Danelectro


  • 15 watts
  • AC or AC-DC versions available


  • 12" Rola field-coil speaker


  • Two instrument inputs
  • Inputs located on back of amp
  • One headphone output jack


  • No volume or tone controls
  • Volume & tone controlled from guitar
  • On/off switch
  • Fuse mount


  • Cloth covered wooden "suitcase" cabinet
  • Cabinet made by suitcase manufacturer
  • Detachable front & rear covers
  • Carved wood stylized Electar "E" grille emblem
  • Cloth grille cover
  • Carrying handle on top of amp

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