Electar Varichord Lap Steel Guitar

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Epiphone Varichord
Epiphone Varichord
Varichord Grande Varichord Outfit
Varichord Grande
Varichord Outfit
  • 1939-1943
  • Tuned to E7th


  • white mahogany body


  • One-piece black metal fretboard
  • Etched and polished silver-colored dot & diamond fret markers
  • 7 strings


  • Epiphone Master pickup
  • Epiphone Mastervoicer
  • 1 Vol. 1 Tone control
  • Manual pitch-changing stop-levers attached to bridge
  • Five positions available on each lever


  • Wood bridge
  • Enclosed 16:1 ratio vertically mounted tuners
  • Bakelite carousel knobs


  • Built on metal frame designed to eliminate body stress
  • Housed in a Prima-Vera rectangular wooden case
  • 11.125W x 32"L total size in case

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