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Epiphone Genesis
Genesis Series

The Epiphone Genesis was introduced in 1979. It was designed by Jim Walker, of Marketing for Gibson Guitar Corporation between 1977 and 1983 and built at the Pearl Drum factory in Taiwan.

The Genesis was created in order to revalue the Epiphone brand and reposition it as a manufacturer of high-quality instruments. According to Walker, his idea was to build a quality, versatile,powerful and durable guitar that would remain in history.

All models of the Genesis (except the bass) shipped with black open-coil humbucker pickups, with 3 height-adjustment screws, not plated pickup covers with 2 height-adjustment screws as shown in the Epiphone specification sheets. The Genesis bass has un-perforated chrome pickup covers and 3 height-adjustment screws. It is not known whether the student model guitar "The GN" went into production; no known examples have been identified. It is rumored that Genesis guitars were made in Japan, but this is unsubstantiated. Gibson states that Genesis guitars were made in Taiwan. A Genesis Deluxe reissue model is being considered by Epiphone for 2011.

Three Genesis Series models (GN-CST, GN-DLX, GN-STD) first appeared in the 1979 Epiphone catalog and were produced in Taiwan until 1981. The 1980 price list indicates two additional Genesis Series models were offered briefly; The GN student model, and the GN-BA bass.

Courtesy of Brian Huff

  • 1979


Epiphone Genesis Bass
Epiphone Genesis Bass
  • 3-piece, flat-top solid mahogany body


  • 1-piece mahogany set neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays
  • 20-frets


  • 2 covered, unperforated NYT/NYR Bass mini-humbuckers
  • 1 Vol. 1 Tone controls
  • 3-way selector switch
  • Mini coil tap switch


  • Chrome hardware
  • Two-per-side enclosed tuners
  • 3-point height-adjustable bridge


  • Ebony (EB)

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