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Howard Archtop Guitar
Howard Guitars & Mandolins

Instruments previously built in New York, NY circa 1930s. The construction technique and overall appearance indicate the possibility that Epaminondas "Epi" Stathopoulos' Epiphone company built instruments under the Howard trademark for a dealer or distributor. Models that have appeared in the vintage guitar market have the Howard brand name and fleur-de-lis inlaid on the headstock. The dealer or distributor involved in the Howard trademark has yet to be identified.

Source: Paul Bechtoldt, Vintage Guitar Magazine, February 1996

The Howard model shown below was contributed by Ruurd Feitsma and was purchased in March 2012 from Before that it was in the hands of Southside Guitars. Around 1980 it was in the hands of George Gruhn.


Howard Model Front
Howard Model Back
Photo compliments of
Photo compliments of
  • Serial Number: 7388, stamped inside back under bass f-hole
  • Label: None


  • Size at lower bout 16 3/8” (41.6 cm)
  • Two-piece carved spruce top
  • Two-piece carved maple back
  • Maple sides
  • Cello style, non-segmented f-holes


  • Maple with walnut center stripe
  • Rosewood fingerboard with pearl block inlays
  • Black dot markers on side of fingerboard
  • 20 frets


  • Howard-style (identical to the Sorrentino-shape)
  • Howard banner logo and fleur-de-lis design


  • 3-ply top (white/black/white)
  • 3-ply back (white/black/white)
  • Single-ply pickguard, neck & headstock


  • Gold hardware
  • Open back, oval metal button tuners
  • Trapeze tailpiece
  • Rosewood two-piece adjustable bridge
  • Small black celluloid pickguard


  • Sunburst with dark brown sides and back

Pics & Specifications contributed by: Ruurd Feitsma

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