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1939-40 Epiphone Electar Logo
Epiphone Electar Logo

The Zephyr Banjo was part of the Electar Zephyr range of instruments including the Zephyr Mandolin, Electar Zephyr Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar , Zephyr Archtop Guitar and Zephyr Amplifier. This line of instruments was available in "complete outfits" or "starter packs" as we know them today. These outfits typically included the instrument, case, amplifier and a cord. Zephyr amplifers were available in AC or AC-DC models. The Zephyr Banjo was also available in Plectrum and Tenor versions.

Like its guitar counterpart, the Zephyr Banjo was outfitted with an Epiphone Master pickup and a Mastervoicer control. It also sported the metal "Bikini" logo plate, as did the rest of the Zephyr series at the time.

The Zephyr Mandolin retailed for $100.00 in 1939 The Zephyr Mandolin AC outfit retailed for $189, while the AC-DC outfit cost $204.50.

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1939 Zephyr Banjo 1941 Zephyr Banjo
1939 Zephyr Banjo
1941 Zephyr Banjo
  • 1937-1954


  • Electar Banjo 1937-1938
  • Renamed to Zephyr Banjo 1939-1954


  • Zephyr Tenor Banjo (short-scale)
  • Zephyr Plectrum Banjo (long-scale)


  • Curly maple top
  • Maple back & sides


  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with block inlays
  • Metal "Epiphone" logo plate


  • 5-ply pyralin body binding
  • Single-ply pyralin neck binding


  • Epiphone Master pickup
  • 1 Epiphone Mastervoicer tone control
  • 1 Volume control


  • 4:1 ratio banjo tuners
  • Tortoise shell pickguard
  • White carousel knobs on Mastervoicer plate
  • Trapeze tailpiece


  • Natural
  • Shaded

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